"I would rather stay in prison an honest man, than walk away tomorrow a liar and a coward".

(Trevor's closing statement prior to being sentenced. Refusing to plead guilty)

American Citizen Wrongfully Imprisoned in Moscow Russia since August 2019
SENTENCED TO 9 YEARS in Prison on False Charges!  
LONGEST Sentence for Article 318 charge in Russia in the past 12-20 years!
No Crime Committed!
Trevor Needs the U.S. Government's Help!

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March 2, 2021

Trevor was taken to Serbsky Institute in Moscow for a series of questions to determine what his level of consciousness was on the morning of his arrest.  This is an evaluation Trevor had been requesting since August 2020.  Following the questioning, he was not returned to his prison. He was taken to the notorious Butyrka Prison Psychological Ward. (Considered one of the worst prisons in the world). He was placed in a room with seven mentally ill persons believed to be murderers. There was blood on the walls and a hole in the floor for wastes.  Trevor was moved out of this room after a couple of days.  On March 11, the US Embassy called his regular prison to ask about his condition and they were informed that he was taken to the other prison 9 days earlier and was in the process of being returned.  Trevor's attorneys were also not informed of the move. The Russian government claims it was a logistical mistake even though Trevor was ordered to pack his things before he went to the hospital.  Trevor was unharmed and returned to his original jail.


April, 2021

On March 26, 2021, there was an appeal hearing in Moscow City Court.  The court received a report from the Serbsky Institute stating that Trevor could not have been conscious of any actions on the morning of August 16, 2019 due to his level of intoxication.  The judge has asked for further evaluation of Trevor's mental health.  We are not sure what this has to do with his being intoxicated. There is concern this may be another excuse to hold Trevor.  He is expected to be moved to Serbsky Institute at any time for a period of up to one month of observation.

To be clear, Trevor is innocent of the charges against him.  Trevor is accused of "intentionally" endangering the lives of police officers.  Even if Trevor had committed some act, he was so intoxicated that the experts have now documented twice that in his condition he could not have made any "intentional" act.  Intent is required to imprison a person in Russia.  Experts in court and at Serbsky Institute have determined Trevor had severe alcohol poisoning based on 2 police breathalyzer tests, police testimony, and witness testimony,  His level of intoxication would mean blackouts, unable to walk, and near coma or death.

CNN.com, Photo by White House
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