"I would rather stay in prison an honest man, than walk away tomorrow a liar and a coward".

(Trevor's closing statement prior to being sentenced. Refusing to plead guilty)

American Citizen Wrongfully Imprisoned in Moscow Russia since August 2019
SENTENCED TO 9 YEARS in Prison on False Charges!  
LONGEST Sentence for Article 318 charge in Russia in the past 12-20 years!
No Crime Committed!
Trevor Needs the U.S. Government's Help!

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May 17-June 7, 2021  (Trevor Reed Covid-19 Timeline)

May 17: Trevor notifies us he has had a fever for a couple of days and has a cough. Requests that Embassy request Covid test.

Trevor said that half the men in his cell are sick.

May 18 & 19: US Embassy contacts prison to request Covid test for Trevor, but requests are denied because Trevor's fever is not high enough and he doesn't have loss of taste/smell.

May 21: Defense team files formal written request for Covid test.

May 23: Covid test is administered, no immediate results.

May 24: Trevor is taken to Moscow City Court to meet with his attorneys and review the Serbsky report.  His prison sent a paper 

stating that he was healthy and able to travel.  Trevor continued to have a fever and told prison staff he had lost his sense of smell.

May 25: Defense team is notified that Trevor is positive for Covid-19.  The appeal hearing scheduled for May 26, is postponed. Defense team is concerned they might have been exposed to Covid-19 due to the prison's lack of concern for Trevor's complaints and not waiting for results of Covid test.

May 26: US Embassy requests information on Trevor's status and they are told he was moved to SIZO-1 Hospital for isolation.

May 26-June 7: US Embassy requests communications with Trevor, but requests are not answered.

May-June, 2021

May 26th Appeal hearing postponed due to positive Covid test.  Trevor will be isolated for an undetermined time at SIZO-1 Matrosskaya Tishina in Moscow.  We are unsure of his condition or treatment.

The Appeal hearing has been rescheduled for June 28th, depending on whether Trevor has recovered and been released from isolation.

President Biden and President Putin will be meeting in Geneva Switzerland on June 16th.  We are hoping that an agreement can be made to release Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan and allow them to return home to the United States.

CNN.com, Photo by White House
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