"I would rather stay in prison an honest man, than walk away tomorrow a liar and a coward".

(Trevor's closing statement prior to being sentenced. Refusing to plead guilty)

American Citizen Wrongfully Imprisoned in Moscow Russia since August 2019
SENTENCED TO 9 YEARS in Prison on False Charges!  
LONGEST Sentence for Article 318 charge in Russia in the past 12-20 years!
No Crime Committed!
Trevor Needs the U.S. Government's Help!

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June 16, 2021  (Presidential Summit USA/RF, Geneva, Switzerland)

When asked by journalists following the summit, President Putin said that an agreement might be made to release prisoners. He said that the Russian Foreign Ministry and US State Department would be working toward this.  

President Biden said that it was discussed and that he would not walk away from this.

June 15, 2021  (Trevor Reed Returned to Sizo-5)

Trevor called the US Embassy and his family to let us know he had been moved back to SIZO-5 on Monday, June 14.  He said that he was told he had tested negative for Covid a few days earlier.  He said he still continued to have some chest discomfort and was requesting chest x-rays and another Covid test.  Trevor said that some people from his jail cell had also been sent to the SIZO-1 Prison Hospital while he was there.  They have all returned to SIZO-5 now. 

While in the SIZO-5 Prison Hospital, Trevor received only vitamins.  He could hear people in other cells yelling for help because they were very ill.  On the weekends, the nurses would tell them to be quiet because there were no doctors there.  There was a rumor that someone died in a room near them.  Upon return to SIZO-5, Trevor said it appears that many people in the jail are ill.

June 28, 2021

The Appeal hearing has been rescheduled for June 28th, depending on whether Trevor has recovered and been released from isolation.

CNN.com, Photo by White House
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