"I would rather stay in prison an honest man, than walk away tomorrow a liar and a coward".

(Trevor's closing statement prior to being sentenced. Refusing to plead guilty)

American Citizen Wrongfully Imprisoned in Moscow Russia since August 2019
SENTENCED TO 9 YEARS in Prison on False Charges!  
LONGEST Sentence for Article 318 charge in Russia in the past 12-20 years!
No Crime Committed!
Trevor Needs the U.S. Government's Help!

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December, 2020

The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee never acted upon Senate Resolution 667 calling for the release of Trevor Reed. SR 667 sat in committee for 4 months. We will ask Senator Cornyn to introduce another resolution in the near future.  We want to than all of you who wrote and called your Senators in support of SR 667 and HR 1115.  Thankfully, the House of Representatives acted quickly to pass HR 1115.

Thank you for your support!



February 3, 2021

Trevor's first level appeal will continue in Moscow City Court.  The initial appeal hearings were stopped due to defense arguments that Trevor was not given translations of the trial court decision and most of the trial transcripts.  There were also many omissions and improper changes to the trial transcripts in Russian language. The appeal judge sent the case back to Golovinsky Court so the defense could review the audio recordings and transcripts. After reviewing the audio recordings and having the omissions and changed testimonies documented and certified by a third party agency, the trial judge denied all changes introduced by the defense. We are now told that the appeal hearings which normally could take 2-4 hearings may be finished on the first full hearing on February 3rd.

December 3, 2020. U.S. House of Representatives Passes HR 1115

The House of Representatives votes to approve HR 1115 calling for the immediate release of Trevor Reed from Russia

November 10, 2020. ABCNews.com

Former Marine Paul Whelan speaks from Russian prison: Paul Whelan, Trevor Reed

October 27, 2020. Fox News.com

Dad of former US Marine in Russia jail details alleged political motivations behind son’s ‘unjust’ treatment

October 15, 2020. Moscow Komsomolets News (Russian)

American Student was Sentenced to 9 years in Moscow for Bruising a Policeman

English Translation

Video by CBS News
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