"I would rather stay in prison an honest man, than walk away tomorrow a liar and a coward"

American Citizen Wrongfully Imprisoned in Moscow Russia since August 2019
SENTENCED TO 9 YEARS in Prison on False Charges!  
LONGEST Sentence for Article 318 charge in Russia in the past 12-20 years!
No Crime Committed!

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September, 2020

1.  Continual problems getting Trevor over-the-counter medications for medical issues.

2.  Trevor not allowed to make phone calls to his family as other prisoners.

3.  Trevor must write and receive all letters in Russian language.

4.  For almost 1 year, Trevor denied a foam bed pad for severe back pain even though other prisoners are allowed them.

5.  In September during one of two family visits per month, he was removed from his cube and moved to a holding cell away from his Dad and Lina for about 15 minutes. No reasons given.


November 11, 2020

Appeal Hearings in Moscow City Ct.

1. Appeal Conviction-9 years

October 27 Hearing was held, but proceedings postponed due to improper translation of documents for Trevor.

October, 2020 (Click Here)

United States Senate and House or Representatives to consider resolution calling for the release of Trevor Reed from Russian jail.


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October 27, 2020. Fox News.com

Dad of former US Marine in Russia jail details alleged political motivations behind son’s ‘unjust’ treatment

October 15, 2020. Moscow Komsomolets News (Russian)

American Student was Sentenced to 9 years in Moscow for Bruising a Policeman

English Translation

October 1, 2020, House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee

Representative McCaul remarks regarding House Res. 1115 calling for the immediate release of Trevor Reed

September 16, 2020-ABC News

Lawmakers submit bipartisan resolution calling for Russia to release jailed ex-US Marine Trevor Reed

Video by CBS News
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