April 1, 2021. Dallas Morning News (click)

North Texas parents think son Trevor Reed jailed by Putin because of Obama-era Marine job

April 1, 2021. (click)

Family of American imprisoned in Russia believes he was targeted over past military service

March 26, 2021. U.S. Embassy Moscow (click)

Ambassador Sullivan’s Press Availability upon the Appeal Hearing of U.S. Citizen Trevor Reed at Moscow City Court

March 17, 2021. Press Conference with Congressional Members (click)

Discussion about Trevor Reed's wrongful detention in Russia.  Senator Cornyn, Congressmen Pfluger, McCaul, and McCarthy.  Paula and Joey Reed

March 16, 2021. (click)

Tehachapi High graduate sentenced to nine years in Russian prison camp

March 7, 2021. ABC-DFW Inside Texas Politics

Congressman Michael McCaul comments on Trevor Reed's Imprisonment by Russia

March 4, 2021. Washington Times (click for story)

House members urge Russia once more to immediately release Trevor Reed, imprisoned Marine vet

March 4, 2021. Washington Free Beacon (click for story)

Republicans Pressure Biden To Bring Home Former Marine Imprisoned By Russia

March 4, 2021. Fox News, America's Newsroom (click)

Texas Marine Veteran jailed in Russia on sham conviction.  Bill Hemmer interviews Trevor Reed's parents and Congressman August Pfluger.

March 3, 2021. U.S. House of Representatives (click)

H.Res. 186: Calling for the immediate release of Trevor Reed, a United States citizen who was unjustly found guilty and sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison.

March 3, 2021. CNN, The Lead, with Jake Tapper (click)

Lead Republican Michael McCaul joins Jake Tapper on CNN to discuss Trevor Reed (click on video image)

March 2, 2021. White House Press Briefing

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki answers questions about Trevor Reed (click on video image for short clip)

February 10, 2021. US Dept of State Press Briefing (Click for long version)

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price answers questions about Trevor Reed (click on video image for short clip)

February 4, 2021. Washington Times (Click)

Secretary of State Blinken presses Russian counterpart on jailed Marine veterans

February 4, 2021. US News (Click)

Blinken Discusses U.S. Detainees, Navalny and Arms Control With Russia's Lavrov

February 4, 2021. Dallas Morning News (Click for story)

White House presses Russia to release Texan Trevor Reed, calls former Marine’s case a ‘mockery of justice’

February 3, 2021. White House Press Briefing (Click for full length YouTube video from NBC)

White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki answers question about Trevor Reed (Click on video image for short clip)

February 3, 2021. CNN New Day (Click for YouTube video)

Parents of Marine Trevor Reed (Held Hostage in Russia) Speak Out on CNN's New Day with John Berman.

February 3, 2021. Washington Examiner (Click for story)

White House calls for swift release of Americans held in Russia

February 2, 2021. U.S. Embassy Moscow, Russia (Click for story)

Ambassador Sullivan attends appeal hearing for American Trevor Reed

February 2, 2021. Washington Times (Click for story)

Texas Republicans tell Russia to release jailed Marine vet Trevor Reed: 'End this outrageous sham'

February 2, 2021. CNN (Click for story)

Blinken speaks with families of US hostages and wrongful detainees

February 2, 2021. U.S. Department of State (Click)

U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price answers question about Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan during press briefing (YouTube). Click on video image for short version.

January 1, 2021. CNN (Click)

Families of US hostages and detainees look to Biden to keep up efforts to free loved ones

December 12, 2020. The Hill (Click)

Don't Forget American's Held Hostage Abroad

December 12, 2020. Montel Williams Free Thinking Podcast 

Former Marine in Russian Prison, Free Trevor Reed.  (Click on Image for video)

December 3, 2020. U.S. House of Representatives Pass HR 1115 (click for info)

House Resolution 1115 Calling for the Immediate Release of Trevor Reed, a United States Citizen who was unjustly sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison

December 3, 2020. U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul

Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) speaks about Trevor Reed on floor of the House

December 3, 2020. U.S. Representatives Mike Conaway (TX-11), Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), Eliot Engel (NY-16)

Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) Ranking member of Foreign Affairs Committee, Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) Member Foreign Affairs Committee, and Eliot Engel (NY-16) Chairperson Foreign Affairs Committee, speak about Trevor Reed and HR 1115 on floor of the House.

December 3, 2020. U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-11)

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) Member of Foreign Affairs Committee, speaks about Trevor Reed

November 21, 2020. NBC 7 News San Diego

Former Camp Pendleton Marine Imprisoned in Moscow Maintains His Innocence""

November 10, 2020.

"Imprisoned former US Marine speaks from Russian jail" about Paul Whelan and Trevor Reed

October 27, 2020.

"Dad of former US Marine in Russia jail details alleged political motivations behind son’s ‘unjust’ treatment"

October 21, 2020, Montel Williams "Free Thinking" Podcast (Click Here)

"USMC Vet Held in Russian Prison-Trevor Reed". Interview with Joey Reed

October 15, 2020. MKRU Moscow Comsomolets Newspaper. (Московский Комсомолец) The Article can be translated into English online or click below for English.

American Student was Sentenced to 9 Years in Moscow for Bruising Policeman.

Russian newspaper article about the unusually long prison

sentence for Trevor Reed considering no one was injured.


October 8, 2020, "The World" radio interview on National Public Radio

Ex-Marine's Russian imprisonment is 'political,' his father says, calling for his release

October 1, 2020, U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Markup

Representative McCaul makes a statement regarding House Resolution 1115 calling for the release of Trevor Reed and other Americans detained abroad

September 24, 2020, U.S. Embassy Moscow, Russia

U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan visited American Citizen Trevor Reed in Vodnic Prison today.

September 16, 2020. KXAN News Austin

Texas Marine being held in Russian prison as a pawn, lawmakers say

September 16, 2020. Grays DC News

Texas Mother, Lawmakers, Pressure Russia to Release Former Marine

September 16, 2020. Dallas Morning News (click)

Texans in Congress demand that Russia release ex-Marine from Fort Worth

September 16, 2020. ABC News (Video and Article)

Lawmakers submit bipartisan resolution calling for Russia to release jailed ex-US Marine Trevor Reed

August 31, 2020. Reuters (Click)

U.S. ambassador to Russia visits jailed ex-Marine Reed

August 31, 2020. AP News (Video and Article)

US ambassador visits ex-Marine imprisoned in Russia

August 24, 2020. Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Video and Article)

My son is a Russian hostage, mother of a Fort Worth-born U.S. Marine veteran says

August 17, 2020. U.S. Embassy Moscow, Twitter

Wrongful detention, absurd trial and conviction, denial of personal and consular contact.

August 5, 2020. United States Senate

Texas Senator John Cornyn introduced Senate Resolution 667 calling for the immediate release of Trevor Reed

August 3, 2020. Stars and Stripes News
Family says US Marine veteran's Russian prison sentence is unjust
August 1, 2020. ABC Live

Interview with Joey Reed, Trevor Reed's


July 31, 2020. ABC Live News Video,  YouTube
Ex-Marine sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison
July 31, 2020. CBS DFW News Video,  YouTube

North Texan and Former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed

Sentenced to Prison in Russia

July 31, 2020. AP Associated Press News
Family says US Marine’s Russian prison sentence is unjust
July 30, 2020. Twitter

Tweets by U.S. Ambassador Sullivan and National Security Council

July 30, 2020. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Family: Texas Marine vet falsely accused of assaulting police sent to Russian prison

July 30, 2020. Washington Post

Former Marine gets nine years in Russian jail over a drunken incident he says he can't remember.

July 30, 2020. Unknown Video Source

Video from Trevor Reed's Sentencing Hearing.

July 30, 2020. AFP Agence France-Presse

Russia jails Ex-Marine for 9 years over police assault.

Video from Trevor Reed's Sentencing Hearing, French News Agency

July 30, 2020. U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russian Federation

Ambassador Sullivan press statement following Trevor Reed conviction.

July 30, 2020. BBC

Trevor Reed: Ex-US Marine jailed in Russia for assaulting police

July 30, 2020.

Ex-Marine jailed for 9 years by Russian court.  US Envoy says trial was "Theater of the Absurd".

July 29, 2020. CBS News, Trevor Reed's statement to the Judge at the end of closing arguments

After an entire day of closing arguments, Trevor was allowed to make comments regarding his trial.

July 29, 2020. Closing Arguments, Audio

Trevor's statement to the Judge following closing arguments.

200729-Trevor_Trial, Statement, short
00:00 / 00:54
July 16, 2020. ABC News Video (YouTube)

Former Marine Held In Russia on Criminal Charges

June 18, 2020. Washington Post

FAQ: Is a Russia-U.S. Prisoner Swap Possible?

June 16, 2020.  New York Times/Associated Press (AP)

Parents of US Man Held in Moscow Demand Fair Trial for Son

June 16, 2020. CBS 11 News DFW

Parents in Texas Fight to get Former U.S. Marine Son

a Fair Trial in Moscow

             CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LINK TO VIDEO ------->

April 22, 2020. U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia

Ambassador Sullivan's Roundtable with Journalists

April 14, 2020. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Trial begins for Former U.S. Marine (See lower section regarding Trevor Reed)

April 9, 2020. The National Interest

Two U.S. Marines are Doing Hard Time in a Russian Prison

March 17, 2020. The National Interest

Why are two U.S. Marines in Jail in Russia?

March 13, 2020. FLB Russia


March 12, 2020. ABC News

2nd Former U.S. Marine held in Russia for months on charges his family say are false

March 11, 2020. (Russia TV Video)

VIDEO (Skip ads, can view full screen).  "The American Marine Drank Vodka and Attacked a Policeman in Moscow".

Video by, Russian TV
March 11, 2020. U.S. News

Russia Tries U.S. Student for Police Assault as Father Questions Evidence

March 11, 2020. Reuters

Russia tries U.S. Student for Police Assault as Father Questions Evidence

February 26, 2020. Moscow Times

Former U.S. Marine Faces 10 Years in Russian Prison

February 25, 2020. New York Times

Russian Court Further Detains Ex-Marine on Charges HIs Family Calls False