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April 17, 2020. Radio Free Europe (Locked Up During Lockdown: Russia's Prison Inmates Anxious As Coronavirus Crisis Unfolds)

Concerns regarding healthcare inside Russian Prison facilities even as the virus spreads

April 1, 2020. Moscow Times (Campaigners Urge Russia to Release Prisoners as Coronavirus Spreads)

Recommendations from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and U.N. to release prisoners

April 6, 2020. BBC (Russian Courts and Pandemic)

Russian courts problems with organization during pandemic

November 19, 2019.  ABC News (Gaylen Grandstaff)

American freed after 2 years in a Russian jail on dubious drug charges still in limbo in Moscow

July 15, 2019.  ABC Nightline VIDEO (Gaylen Grandstaff)

US Citizen held in Russian Prisons for years on what he said are false drug charges.

July 1, 2019.  Daily Beast (Paul Whelan and Prisoner Swap Suggestion)

Kremlin Big Floats U.S.-Russia Prisoner Swap as Paul Whelan Languishes in Moscow Jail

Apirl 10, 2020.  Washington Post (Paul Whelan Trial)

Russia seeks to hold espionage trial of American Paul Whelan with Moscow on Lockdown

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