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JULY 16, 2020 - TRIAL DAY 5

The Trial Continues With Questioning of Trevor's Father, Girlfriend, and her Mother


On Thursday, July 16th, the court began late after 1:00 PM. Immediately after the judge entered the courtroom and began reading the days schedule, Trevor asked that the court be stopped so he could see a doctor.  He told the court that he had requested a doctor in the jail, but none had been provided.  The judge stopped the court and Trevor was removed by the guards.  Apparently, the guards called a doctor.  Trevor’s translator and the Embassy representative both offered to translate for the doctor before he arrived and the guards prohibited this.  A list of Trevor’s physical complaints was written in Russian to share with the doctor, but by that time, a doctor had come to the courthouse, examined Trevor, gave him some pain reliever, and left.  It appears the doctor did a quick observation of Trevor without taking any vital signs.  We hope he did not give Trevor actual pain killers without taking any vital signs first.  Trevor was returned to the courtroom and his pain was not relieved.  There was some discussion between the defense attorneys and the judge regarding how to get a doctor to examine Trevor in the jail.  The judge said he would attempt to help, but he has limited authority to do this.

Trevor’s girlfriend Alina and her mother testified regarding things that they had seen and heard later on the day of Trevor’s arrest.  Lina’s mother had accompanied her at the police station after he was not released back to her as promised earlier in the morning.  They both told about the details of what had occurred.  There were questions about police personnel, questioning by police, handcuffs, activities concerning a police uniform, and other things.  During Lina’s mother’s testimony, as she described Trevor and Lina, many people in the courtroom began to have tears including Lina, Trevor, Trevor’s father, and at least one of the defense attorneys.  Trevor’s father Joey was called by the judge to testify.  He was advised of his rights and told that statement could be used against him or Trevor.  Joey first thanked the judge for having such an open courtroom and for showing concern for Trevor’s health.  He then commented that he was unhappy with the way the prison is not providing medical attention for his son and questioned the manner in which a doctor was called and did basically nothing.  Joey then described Trevor and some of his accomplishments.  The prosecutor then asked several questions regarding Trevor’s character, achievements in sports, and military history.  Joey declined to answer military questions and directed the prosecutor to ask Trevor.  The defense then questioned Trevor’s father about how long he had been in Russia, how much money had been posted for bail in September, and if he had the financial ability to pay the police officers for their “moral” damages.  When the specific amounts were mentioned, Trevor objected to the questioning and Joey stated he did not want to discuss any further financial matters publicly.  Trevor stated that he did not want anyone to pay for his expenses.  The questioning ended and Mr. Reed asked if he could further answer a previous question by the prosecutor.  The judge said yes, and Joey said that his son’s character was further exemplified by this display and his desire to not have others burdened with helping him with his problems.

Next, Trevor was called to testify from his cage inside the courtroom.  Trevor described going to a birthday party for Lina and another person.  They ate meat and he had some shots of vodka.  He said the next thing he remembered was waking up sitting in the lobby of a police station feeling thirsty and nauseated.  He said his legs hurt, had a headache, and there were marks on his wrists.  He then described much of the rest of the day including several interrogations including and FSB interrogation where his attorney was not allowed to attend.  Trevor and Lina were taken to an Investigator’s office building for additional questioning.  Once inside the building they introduced him to the police officers that had accused him of trying to hurt them, and previously unknown to Trevor, one of them drove him to the interview. 

When Trevor finished his self-testimony, the judge asked if he was ready to continue to questioning.  Trevor said he was.  The judge then suggested that because Trevor wasn’t feeling well, that maybe the defense would like more time to prepare.  Trevor and his attorneys agreed to end court for the day.

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