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JULY 29, 2020 - TRIAL DAY 7

The Trial Continues With Closing Arguments


The prosecutor gave his closing arguments in 20 minutes.  He recommended to the judge that Trevor be sentenced to a prison camp for 9 years, 8 months.  And no, they have no case against Trevor.


The defense took approximately 7 hours to argue.  Trevor also gave his arguments at the end.  He spoke very calmly and professionally.  He told the judge that he understands in Russia, he might have a shorter sentence if he pleads guilty.  But Trevor said he is not guilty, and it would be unethical and immoral to say he was.  He said if he was going to be given a prison sentence, then he would rather stay in prison an honest man, than walk free tomorrow a liar and a coward.


Our attorneys argued in court that Trevor should be freed because the prosecution's case is worthless.  The police officers and Investigator changed their stories throughout the process and they denied video footage from the car and jail that could have freed Trevor.  They also argued that the traffic video is not disputed.  The attorneys said this is the strangest investigation they have ever encountered.  And the recommended sentence is outrageous.  They listed cases where police officers had guns pointed at them and fights with broken bones and the defendants were charged with misdemeanors.  Trevor says that the murderers in his jail have received much smaller prison sentences than what is proposed in his case.  The attorneys said it appears that someone is trying to make a name for themselves by convicting an American.

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