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October 27, 2020. Moscow City Court, Appeal Day 1 (Basically a State Level Court)


Trevor's father and representatives from the U.S. Embassy were allowed inside the courtroom.  Several media outlets requested permission to attend but were denied due to pandemic restrictions.  ABC News was outside the courtroom.


Trevor had two appeal court hearings in the Moscow City Court on October 27th.

1.  Hearing regarding the appeal of his conviction and 9-year sentence for endangering the lives of police officers.  Court

     consisted of a 3-Judge panel and 2 additional judges were in the room.  The U.S. Embassy had two representatives present. 

     Joey Reed was allowed to attend.  Several media outlets requested to attend but were denied due to Covid restrictions.  Thank

     you to ABC News Crew Patrick Reevell and Tanya Stukalova who waited outside the courthouse to hear the results.  Case

     postponed due to improper documents provided by the Golovinsky District Court:

  • A translated version of verdict was not delivered to Trevor after three months.

  • The translated transcripts that were recently provided by the court were not understandable.

  • There were missing documents in the case files.

  • There were still some documents that were not translated from the court files.


2.  Hearing regarding Trevor’s complaint that the Golovinsky Court refused to investigate his claims of being injured during his

     arrest.  Trevor’s request for an investigation of his injuries was also denied by the Investigator shortly after Trevor’s arrest in

     2019.  This case was heard by a single judge.  She dismissed the case and said it would be included in the main appeal. 

     Trevor was asked for his comments, but was not allowed to finish.

  • Prosecutor said that the police officers were victims so Trevor couldn’t be a victim.  (One police officer said he had a small bruise on his abdomen that Trevor supposedly gave him with and elbow to his body armor.  The police officer never showed the supposed bruise to anyone, but it was considered life threatening apparently.  Trevor had injuries that were witnessed on the morning of the arrest by his girlfriend and her mother.  The U.S. Embassy representatives saw injuries several days later when they were finally allowed to visit and the wounds had mostly healed)

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