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Trevor had some obvious injuries seen by witnesses the morning of the arrest and also by State Department personnel that visited him in jail several days after his initial arrest.  The State Department was denied visitation with him on the Monday following his Friday arrest.  The State Department was told they could come and pick up their jail visitation pass but when they arrived to get the pass, they were told they would have to wait a few more days before they could visit Trevor.  No reason for the approved visit and then denial were given.  When the State Department personnel finally visited Trevor, he had a couple of visible bruises and he said other injuries had subsided.  He did not remember how he received the injuries.  A doctor’s physical examination was reportedly not requested by the investigator until ten days after Trevor’s arrest.  There are no records of a physical examination at either of the first two jails Trevor was held at.

Trevor requested for months that the Investigators or the courts investigate his injuries

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